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i have pretty much come to the conclusion that i'm gonna start doing my own little dread biz side project. (hello SoCal Dreadies!)

so far, i've put dreads in marti's hair (_liftedtothesky), and done maintenance on sarah's (ieathighlighter).

...i think i'm good at it, and it's super fun. i've already set up a gmail account to use (blondiedread at gmail - hell yeh), and i'm in the process of designing business cards. (so many times people have stopped me on the street to ask where i had mine "done" or "could i fix theirs?" even when my parents where here, a guy and his gf stopped me in the mail to discuss dread upkeep.)

i'm gonna make up flyers and post them in tattoo parlors, head/smoke shops, and alternative hair salons (if they don't mind? i'm sure they get phone calls and dont know what to do with them - i'll give them a percentage for anyone the refer?), as well as getting the word out here on lj, and on dread sites like knottyboy and dreadhq.

it's an idea. i think, maybe, a good one.
and i have to "decide on an hourly rate, and stick with it"
(so far, i haven't exactly charged. i told marti she could just buy me n' kevin dinner, and sarah made me a fantastic green n' brighter green headband :))

i was thinking on charging differently, depending on the service. putting dreads in is FAR more taxing than maintenence, so.. maybe $17/hr for "installation" (hahah) and $14/hr for upkeep? (both based on "average" lenth hair - excessively long/short hair prices would vary accordingly, of course)
i know places like hair police charge about $300-$400 to put in a dread perm, and that's ridiculous. i dont know their maintenance charges.
i just picked these numbers randomly.. because they sounded good.

anyhoooooooo, i mentioned that i did upkeep on ieathighlighter. that was this sunday, aand, of course, i have pictures. :)

bit of info: sarah's 15, and the oldest dreads are about 4 months, the youngest ones are around 2 months. put in via back combing. (and they're maturing wonderfully!)







yeh, i think both sarah, and her parents, were fairly pleased with the results. i was? :)
sooo.. what d you guys think?

i figure there's enough folks in the southern california area with dreads, and i know some folks like them messy and that's all good, buut.. for anyone who wants/needs their hair tidy, i'd love to help!
plus, maybe i can make some friends this way (been here 5 months, and the boy and i are still kinda searching for a social scene) ;)
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