Akimova (akimova) wrote in get_up_dread_up,


I experienced my first car accident on Sunday (on my birthday haha) as a lovely gentleman decided to run a red light and crash into me. Luckily only 2 of the 5 of us in my car were hurt, and it's just minor tissue damage. But one problem that's come to mind is that at least at the momment I can't really do much in the way of keeping up with my usual maintenance of ripping dreads apart from each other's roots and palm rolling because my shoulders/neck/back/arm hurt too much to elevate for long enough to accomplish anything. I'll be doing massage therapy and physio for the next 3 weeks, so hopefully I'll be in the clear soon enough - but I'm just wondering if you guys think my dreads will be okay without any maintenance for that long of time? I've only had them for 2 months now, and I've got a bunch at the back of my head that keep undreading at the ends... Should I maybe try to explain/show one of my friends how to palm roll for the time being and get them to keep my hair on track?
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