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Hi! I've got baby dreads!

hi!  I just started my dreads today after years of shaving my head and then trying to grow it ou tnad waiting for the perfect time to dread them.  I'm graduating with my BS in December and I thought hey - why the hell not?  My hair is long enough (for hte most part)!!

I'm blind so it's been fun getting help and learning how to feel my way around the dreads.

I love the feel.  Seriously.

Behind the cut is a before/after deal.  I'm just so excited!  They are a little flamboyant right now, and then there's the bit of hair in the way back that hasn't been dreaded yet because the woman thought they were too short.  My friend who is amazing is coming by tomorrow night to see if she can't help me get them started.  I don't see why not.

Anyway.  I may be asking lots of questions as time goes on...but I'm excited!!



the beginning, and the first - George the trainingdread!!

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