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Please Reply!

HELLO everyone! Please, I need YOUR ideas!

I am in entrepreneurial studies, and I am researching a new business venture in dreadlocks care and accessories (and hopefully, eventually other alternative body care products as well.) When you get a moment, I would really appreciate your input on a few questions. I think that hearing it straight from YOU is the best kind of market research.

First, let me explain the venture a little bit. I know that there is Knottyboy and DreadheadHQ out there, and their products are respectable and very successful. However, I feel as though they make dreadlocks seem trendy in a way, and take away a certain aspect of seriousness about the lifestyle. A lot of us have gone out and made our own natural dread creations, trying to come up with something REAL. Something that doesn't have a cartoon on the packaging. Something not leaning towards any specific gender. I'm thinking more along the line of the "Burt's Bees" feeling. Natural, Organic, Quality. Great marketing, classy packaging, better distribution, etc. I am very excited about all of this, and quite serious too, so please let me know what you think:

1. What are some great commerical dreadlocks products that you have used? What did you like about them?
2. Do you have any ideas for a NEW dreadlocks product?
3. What, physically, about your dreads would you like to improve?
4. Have you ever created something great for your dreads at home? What was it?
5. What ingredients do you think are important in a dreadlocks product?
6. How much would you be willing to pay for dreadlocks products?
7. What are the problems with products you've tried in the past?
8. Any complaints about Knottyboy, DreadheadHQ, etc?
9. Would you buy dreadlocks care if it were more affordable/appealing/accessible?
10. Additional comments, questions, ideas?

Thanks so much!!!! I want to make our dreads super happy someday. ^_^
LOVE Laurie
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