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I feel stupid asking this but...

Please don't shoot me. Stupid ignorance to commence. Even though I've read everything I could.

My dreads were fuzzing today - day 2 - I know I know give it time. My friend came by (who has helped folks do dreads in the past) and waxed them and rolled them for me - felt tight and great, but I think she over-waxed because they feel real waxy and sticky. Not kosher. THey are 2 days old, should I wash them tomorrow? I have fine hair so I'm trying to be careful with them.

Plus - palm rolling seems difficult for me to manage, I think i suck at it in the back - if I "twist" - that just means twirling them round tight, right? the same motion I would use to unscrew a bottle, right?

I do NOT want to end up looking like a blind moron - 'oh look honey, she's blind, poor thing didn't know better...someone should put her outta her misery.."

hahaha. snorf.
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