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Alrighty folks...

Before (last week)

Can't see the color too good, but those I dreads, I swear!

I had dyed my hair for years black and quit right before I dreaded.  The last 5 inches or so didn't lighten up with bleach.  When this fades, I'm goin' hot pink, so I'll try lightening them more.  So the brown/black tips are not intended, but I kinda like them.

After bleaching, my knots tightened, so I recommend doing it if you're considering it.

It wasn't the Ani Difranco LPC blue I wanted, but my hair was VERY yellow after bleaching, more so than I usually have in the past, but ah well.  I might buy another bottle of darker blue when I get paid again and blue it up a little.  It's veggie dye so it won't hurt none.

Thanks for the guide Lish!  Any tips on how to actually get my tips to bleach after being dyed black for a year?  My roots bleached cuz they were undyed.

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