hurricane emily (bodhi_tree) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
hurricane emily

in my building there is(was) a guy with the most amazing dreads i've ever seen. they were beautiful. i ran into him and we talked about them, and he was really cool... but his dreads were just amazing. long, ropey, light blond, so frizz or loose hairs. almost three years old.

and today he walked into dinner with a shaved head.

and honestly, i've never felt the loss of someone else's dreads affect me so much! in my head i just went, "...NOOOOO!" i hardly even knew him, but somehow i managed to become emotionally attached to HIS dreads! it's kind of weird.

so anyway, Hunter, if you happen to be here and see this... man. i can't believe it.

(or if anyone else here knows him. he goes to school at baylor, in texas. and he's from chicago.)
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