luminatte (luminatte) wrote in get_up_dread_up,


hello everybody. :)

sorry for the text-only post, buuut..

i am currently dreadless. Soon.. soon, hence the post. i am near cincinnati and i'm definitely going to need some help. i could enlist my girlfriends (and will!), but anyone with any previous dreading experience would be a great help.. so if there's anyone in the area (i'm actually in nky) willing to help me out, i know the basics, i've been doing my research and watching the community for about a year..

i'm definitely willing to make a monetary agreement. i don't actually want to start dreading until october, first i would like to get back to my dirty, dishwater-blonde colour before taking the plunge. i have black hair now (with roots).

ultimately, this change is going to coencide with my journey to mexico.. i'm moving there in january for at least 6 months if not more, so with a new life i want to start with new hair.. which we all know is really a philosophy anyway! i'm so excited.. i can't wait!

from watching this community for as long as i have, i have to say i love it and i really look foward to my first dreaded picture post. (hee)
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