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Timeline! ALAN!

Okay so my 'tails are a year old on the 21st (thats tomorrow) and im moving out tomorrow too!! back to Bristol + refuse to go near a PC on a regular basis.
This is a sort of time line but without much order =/ from the day after i got them untill abut a month ago.
I love them + this community for filling my LJ with eye candy everyday along with info!
You all have amazing 'locks and really are some of the friendlyest people. generally.

Essentially. im showing them off :D im so proud of them.. i really am. anyway. be good :)

This post is deciated to Alan!

Image hosted by
Bandanna love <3

Image hosted by
i was striving for white puppy tails you see....

Image hosted by
its orange frmo vingier and ceyeene pepper i think. they smelt kinda

wierd but not ina bad way the the colour was awesome.

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
the red tips <3

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
the hat one was about january.

Image hosted by

when i first got them <3

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
And this was like, a couple of months before i got them. thats kirsty.

shes waaay nice :) + QUITE intoxicated.

Image hosted by

hahahaha and this was in china :D HOTSTUFF!!!!!!!! =/ the grreen and

purple beads are Jade, which i baught at...the terracotter army.

Image hosted by
when you could see the shape of my skull.

Image hosted by
and this is the latest!! :) scruffydreadhead
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