Kawaiinose (kawaiinose) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Update on my little sisters dreads. (she's periwinklemonke

They're three and a half weeks old now- she spent the night the other night and I went through and sewed the tips like Lish did with mine- though Leanna's baby dreads are so much more fragile than my year and a half old dreads so I put some temporary rubber bands on the tips. Dont worry, Dont worry, Ill take them out next time I see her- just wanted her hair to be used to being folded in on itself like that- we'll see how it works when I take them out in a few days.
Other than that they seem to be doing fine. A few at the base had come mostly out so I re-dreaded them (I had the same problem with my hair) and it seems the only time they get a good palm rolling is when she see's me (I also wash her hair for her and spray it with salt water. I swear- Im like her hair maid.)
Anyway, here's some pictures- like I said they're just under a month old.


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