Hearth Keeper (silverwitch) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Hearth Keeper

Hey everyone! I just joined and thought I should introduce myself or something or other. I'm 24, an eternal college student, Pagan, Lesbian, living in a nice ol' redneck area in Indiana. (the whole state isn't redneck, but the area I live in surely is. yay! :-/). Anyway, I came searching for exactly this type of place because I need help from the experts as it were. I want to dread my hair so bad I can taste it, but no one I know knows how it's done, and everytime I walk into a salon around here to get an idea of what I can do, they all look at me like I have three heads or something and tell me that only African Americans can do that with their hair and try to talk me into braids instead - which I know is crap because I've seen plenty of different kinds of people with dreads. Anyway - my major concern is that I have very thin/fine hair, and I'm afraid that my hair would look crappy in dreads - I don't want a weird checkerboard thing happening, or dreads so tiny that they would break easily. Are these valid concerns and do you think I could get it done successfully?

Sorry to dump all this on ya all at once - but I'm definitely itching to get started making this happen! Hehhe. Good to meet you all!
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