nicoblue (soulhaus) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

that's my little not-a-dread. it had originally been involved with the fatty above it, and was causing said fatty to lay flat against my scalp. i didn't dig it, so i snipped it.

that was about a month into my dreadventure. now, 15 months later, the little guy has grown and stayed undreaded, and since january i've had a purpose for him:

i'm going to use the little bugger to sew in one of fugged's dreads. (also - i'm gonna see if i can pull some extra hair out of surrounding dreads to thicken it up a bit, so the two will dread together and not differ too greatly in size.)

since i just put this in a not too long ago (two weeks, *maybe*? it survived a surf weeked, hurrah there. i think it's because i originally found the bead at the beach) i thought i should introduce the halfsie, since he's now all gussied up.

except for this teeeeny tiny bead, i have absolutely no decorations in my hair. (if you can spot the little bit of gold synthetic thread, that was the "bandage" i put on the dread after i snipped the little fella out. until i saw this picture, i didnt even know that was still there! i thought i'd cut it all out.)

big bonus of the minute bead?
this way, his big bully dreadlock brothers will stop trying to eat him.
(c'mon folks, "awww" with me.)
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