luminatte (luminatte) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

no 'poo method?

i know a lot of you use 'dread shampoo' or regular shampoo when you shower, i was just wondering if anyone uses the "no 'poo" method?

as i mentioned in my last post i don't have dreads yet, but i am starting the no 'poo method and will most likely have dreads within the next month.. i'm sure it works just as well as using shampoo, there are a ton of positive reviews, but i wondered if it affects the tightness of the dreads? any experiences?

edit: i posted this in the naturalliving community too, and realized the baking soda involved in the method would probably get built up in dreads, plus when you start the process the scalp usually gets more greasy for the first few weeks.. so probably not a good method for dreads, but good for regular hair.
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