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Update on purpleness

So a few weeks ago you saw me and my dreads on a northern California beach. Beautiful beach, half purple dreads. Since then I've moved back in at Mount Holyoke and re-dyed my entire head purple. And I've also fixed my tips up a bit (because theres nothing else to do in class).
So, the color isn't great in these shots, but that's just my old-school camera.

Image hosted by

A few days ago, after washing. I think I need to re-dye my bangs soon.

Image hosted by

Here you can sort of see my awesome room, along with the dreads.

Image hosted by

I forgot about the flash in this picture, but then I edited it, and it looks kinda cool now. And you can see more of my room. I can climb out the window onto the roof, which I love.

Image hosted by

Taken this morning right after waking up. I look so pensive.

Image hosted by

My bangs really need a washing.

Image hosted by

And another from this morning.

Image hosted by

And...from the side. The color in this one is pretty true.

That's all I have for now. I'm going to try and post more often, I swear, with some more interesting shots, too.

oh, my dreads are...what?...a year and 7 months almost. I think.

Keep posting your beautiful pictures,
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