Acid Butterfly (aquadementia) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Acid Butterfly

Last night my sweet 4 year old daughter told me that she wants dreads. I didn't want to do her whole head because it is possible that she'll change her mind very soon, but anyways, I made her one good dread on the left side of her head andput a bead like I have on mine, in hers. It looks adorable, but unfortunatly this same precious little girl broke my digital camera a month or so ago. So you will have to wait on pictures. Later on today there may be a cell phone, capable of taking pictures here and my friend from Kansas is sending me a digital camera which I should receive within the next week.

So this isn't text only here are some random pictures.
Image hosted by
This is my four year old, Dara, the girl with the dread. :D

Image hosted by
There she is again- Imagine her with a dread :P
Image hosted by
Both of my babies- again- Imagine the dread on Dara. :P
Image hosted by
Me and some messy dreads that you can barely see
Image hosted by
me again
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