Sarah Lyn (sarar) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Sarah Lyn

art terrorist? I'm looking for an art terrorist. beuler...?

someone who is also in this community added me the other day. I didn't add them back because I'm stupid and thought my "comment to be added" post was public but it's not, because I'm a moron sometimes. Sooooo if you read this, art terrorist something or other (I'd just look up your name but I can't seem to remember it properly), comment or add me again or something, and forgive my idiotic tendencies, please.

i know this is mostly off topic, save for the fact that she is also in the comm so here's a picture of my half dreaded hair plus one of my favorite, and oldest (4 months) dread.

Image hosted by
gooood morning
Image hosted by
favorite dready. I should name it. I name everything. I think I have some sort of a complex.
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