lish (lishd) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

calling you guys out again

iheartrem, how are the extensions working out? are they tightening up yet? photos!

robinhoodvandal & kattlady, post updates on the locks i made!

speaking of locks i worked on, kawaiinose & joyful__girl, still keeping those babies separate? let's see 'em.

girl using goldwell hair dyes whose nick i don't remember, you didn't post red pics since getting the "blue" out. post!

arielhp, seriously, it's time to post again.

polkydot, you've been commenting a lot lately, but haven't seen images from you in ages. i call you out!

& i'd call out insidedown, but she's got school as a valid excuse. but... if you're reading this, carrie, you have time to snap some pics! so do it.

the rest of you, carry on. :D
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