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my roots are very messed up. i tear and rip, have yet to trust someone with scissors, and they insist on growing into a relatively tight mass. the more i pull, it seems the more i try to separate them, the more they want to rip out, not apart. so unless i get this figured out soon, i'll soon have one or two reads taking up the sides of my head. how frustrating.

could this have been the result of poor sectioning? the guy who taught me how to do them (before i got into this community) had really bad methods, which is mainly because he has never had them himself and the only other person's he's done didn't take care of them at all. they aren't sectioned very well. like, at all.

anyway, i just wanted to give you a few pics and rant a bit about my dread troubles. since they are only about 3 moonths old, i was thinking of cutting them to chin length or something, combing them out, and redreading them (this time fatter!). suggestions? feedback? or just tell me how your day was.
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