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so i took a few pictures of my dreads. they are now one week old and frizzy and crazy. :) they're all close up pics because i have no one to take pics of them, but they go down to about my waist and have long gold curls at the tips.

Image hosted by

Image hosted by when i put them up to shower. i look like an alien with a shower cap on :D

Image hosted by

Image hosted by my favorite thing to do is tie them back together in a half up way.

Image hosted by my famous face :P

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

i need to start decorating them. :)
*edit: i'm going to wash them tomorrow, but i'm afraid that all the flakies that are sorta there will come out to play once i scrub my scalp and i wont be able to get them out. or will rinsing them get them out? hmm...
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