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I don't have dreads myself, though i've thought of getting them a couple times. however, I NEED to get into vet school, so anything fun like that has to wait until then. :(

however, I did my fiance's dreads, my baby brother's dreads, and my good friend's dreads, as well as helping that friend do his cousin's dreads. I've been spreading the virus, LOL.

My fiance's dreads were born the first weekend in july 2003 (Canada day weekend) in vancouver BC. they now look pretty much like this:
I dyed them striped like that by coveing the parts i didn't want dyed with masking tape. his natural hair color is close to the tan you see there. the black we put in over everything else. they end up kinda being like rings of a tree to tell age, etc. it's cute.

My little brother's dreads were born in summer 2004 here in Hell. We bleached his hair bright blond a while before (he wanted it white, but we never quite got there). I have pictures of the whole sequence of putting them in from straight dark brown hair to bright blond newborn dreads. it's funny. but here's a pic of his dreads at less than 24 hours old:
since then, he hasn't taken care of them pretty much at all, and he had to have me dye them black to keep them for school (long story). then, they were really nasty, so I undercut them so he just has the top of his head with dreads (less to care for, whcih he still barely does), and we redreaded them. It was gross, with all the goo in them from not washing and using wax. I don't have a recent pic of them, but i'll see if i can get one.

Then this past summer I did my friends dreads. they looked like this at 1 month:
his mom apparently bleached the tips bright blond since then, but his hair grows REALLY slow. he grew his hair out for a year to be able to have dreads before college, and he barely had enough length even then. but they are super nice and tight now-we call them his nubbies due to them being so short though. LOL
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