Osama's Homobortion Pot 'n Commie Jizzporium (robinhoodvandal) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
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One Month

so today (well technically yesterday as it is after midnight) is my dreads one month birthday. I, unfortunatly don't have a pic to show you all tonight cause my camera broke and is at the canon fix-it place and not in my hand taking pics of my month old dreadies. I HATE not having my camera!
BUT I tracked down a camera phone at work and forced the girl to whom it belongs to take a pic. She jetted out before I could make sure she had my email to send the pic but I'm going to grab her phone number tomorrow and make damn sure I have a pic to show you all Sunday night.
They are comming along so well! I was looking at my one week pics and the difference is amazing. I lvoe them soooooooooo much!
So yes, picture tomorrow!
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