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I'm too lazy for a full head of dreads. I've had all my hair dreaded, well backcombed, for about a month now and its a mess, a real mess. I know that it'll take a while before it'll be dreadlike, but the problem with my hair is that a lot of the backcombing has came out on the middle layer and the top layer has grown together. With having to wear my hair up all the time for school I usually just forget about it, and don't work on it at all.
However the good thing is my mother HATES my hair at the minute, and is willing to buy me expensive straighteners for my birthday if I take these ones out.
AND I have some dreads on the bottom layer that are...respectable, so I'm going to keep them.
What I'm about to do is cover the dreads I want to keep in cling film, jump in the shower and bung a whole lot of conditioner into my hair. I'm gonna leave that in for about half an hour and then try and brush these tatts out. After I brush them out I'm gonna wash my hair with that Nutrogena Clean shampoo stuff so my hair doesn't get really greasy. Does anybody have anything they could add to this?
Oh, and I was thinking about doing a few braids in my hair as well but I'm not too sure how you do the permanent ones and I can't find a site for it, could anyone help me out?
Oh and does anyone know how long you can keep the other type of braid (like a wrap only over the whole piece of hair) in?
Oh! and does anyone remember
Image hosted by (Howard from Take That!)
I can always remember reading an interview with him years ago and he was saying how he couldn't wash his hair because it was dreaded...I think it was that that started the dreadlust in my head. (Not that he didn't have to wash them, just that he had dreads)

Thanks for any help!
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