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my stride is slowed by memory but...

Last night my friend Amanda finished off my head. I also pulled apart (painfully, it's only been a week but damn do these lil dreads like to stick together already!!) some of the supah dreads - 2 on the left side of my head by the ear and 1 that was most all the hair on my forhead tugged to the left side. Amanda worked hard and did an amazing job. I almost wish I had her do the rest of my head instead of hte "really nice lady" in town.

Meh. 1 week and 2 days pictures behind cut, include some before/after and the new 1 day old can tell them by their poofiness!

hair hair

the back wasn't dreaded with all the rest and it felt sad.
more hair more hair

I pulled apart the supah dread in the front because the root was too big to do anything special and because the supah dread was hitting me in the eyeball
lots of hair lots of hair

The back, dreaded, and lookin short....but done! Thanks to 2 hours of work by my buddy amanda.
finished hair! finished hair!

the supah dread is no more, the whole head is nappy happy, and they look respectable. They are proud of how respectable they look, so much so that a scarf is no longer necessary to enter the public domain.

yay for respectably proud nappy happiness.

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