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sizing question

for those of you who sectioned off and backcombed to help those beautiful locks started, i need your help- in 8 months i will be travelling down to killeen to have my locs started by a great friend (and a dreadlock GODDESS... im serious... ill post pics of my first set...)
i had my last set for almost a year before i got some mold in a couple of them and had to painstakingly comb them out (which i proceeded to cut off later due to the damage caused by said combing out)
i shaved my head last february and have been growing it ever since- its about to my chin/earlobes now, and im anticipating that itll be to my shoulders in 8 months...
my last set were very thin- i have a lot of hair and ended up with 93 locs, about the size of my pointer finger to pencil size in thickness... when i give them the backcombed push i want them to start out at around the size of a crayola marker or a thumb... mine do get fatter over time... but from the onset i would like them a bit larger...
ok- now that ive rambled (pardon me, sleeping pills) i would adore it if you all could tell me the base dimensions you used to start dreads and how thick they were (use an example as i am math challenged... ill stare at a ruler like a moron trying to picture that size as a dread) my friend whit backcombs them to the point that they feel and act like 6-7 month old dreadies after 1 week... its insane... mostly im looking at root size...
dimensions of your roots when you started
how big they were at that time
how big they are now (and what age)
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