human capital (turnyourback) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
human capital

i was just introduced to the rip and twist method, which is working wonders for me. my dreads are pretty thin (i have ~73? at last count) so as a result the roots were dreaded fine but the undreaded ends were pretty long. rip and twist totally added inches of dreaded hair to my head so now my ends are only 1-2 inches. awesomeeee.
combining the two methods (first backcombing your roots and then doing rip/twist to dread the bottoms) has worked out great for me. it's also easier because there's no use for a comb- you just tease the hair then pull it in two directions, hence, ripping and making a knot.
just as a heads up, this is a really awesome method and i thought i'd share since i hadn't heard much about it until last weekend.
anyone else use it on their hair &can tell me what to expect in the future? differences in results attained from backcombed/ripped and twisted hair?
thanks. :)
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