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One Month Pics! =)

apologies to those whose friends list I may be on. this is the exact same post as in my journal.

Dread Birthday! Dread Birthday!

One month old as of the 23rd/24th.
I know I'm late posting but I just got my camera back. Yes, Lish, that's the bead. :)

Taken by Surprise

wasn't really aware that I was about to have my picture taken. Consider this my tardy submission to the unflattering picture theme.
Taken by Surprise

Just being goofy Just being goofy


Didn't know this one was being taken either.

the other side the other side

the first side again the first side again

yeah, it's pretty blurry, but it gives a decent idea of what they all look like.

Yeah so that's all I have for now. I just had my friend take these super fast and kinda slapped em up here. I need to crash as I have to get up really early.

I'll take better and higher res ones later and post them when I get a chance. These link to slightly larger ones, but still only 640 by 480. I'm generally a fan of at least having the originals be a decent size. I wanted to get these up as quickly as possible though so I took themin the small size.
I'll stop babbling now.
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