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Ohhh, it's one of those posts, eh?

Hello alllllll...

I have been growing my hair out from a buzz cut ever since last August. And.....

It is time and I also can't stand loose hair any more!

I would like some help with the endeavor. If anyone would like to volunteer. It's really important to me who helps to start my dreads, it affects how I will grow them and love them. I have had dreads twice before so I know how to take care of them. Your help will not be in vain! I'm in Baltimore, MD and don't currently have transportation. I also don't have the extended time or money to travel (believe me lishd I would love to have you go ballistic on my head!). So, I could maybe make it to some of PA and//or VA.

Anyone who wants to throw their hat (ha, no pun intended!) into the ring and has some experience please get in touch. I will cater to any needs or wants, movies, food, herbals, etc.

Thanks to all of you wonderful people, I never thought I could feel such genuine community from basically an internet forum.,
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