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2 questions

First off sorry I don't have any pics, my dad's camera is broken I hate the quality of my camera phone.

I've got two questions though. The first one is what do you guys do when you have to dress up? I have a nice suit and tie that I'm wearing to a dance this weekend, and I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas for hair. I can always just leave it, I don't mind doing that, I was just wondering what some of the guys do on here when they dress up for something formal. My hair is long enough to pull back, but I'm not always a fan of that if I do it too much. So I guess, any suggestions?

And secondly, I think I know the answer to this but I'm not 100% positive... Is spray in hair dye a bad idea for just one day? It's red and white day (school colors) for spirit week tomorrow, and I kind of wanted to dye my dreads, but not if it will be too hard to wash them out afterwards. I'm thinking maybe just the cheap stuff from the pharmacy that you can wash right out, but I'm not sure if anyone else on here has any advice about that stuff.

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