_pusteblume_ (_pusteblume_) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

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from about a 2 weeks ago, on a particularly frizzy day
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couple days ago :-) I definately need to backcomb the ends more, they are coming out..but i am not too worried about it

So, i have access to a ceramics room and i am now making beads for my dreads and i am SUPER excited about it. So far i've made a long black one and a nice neutral light green one!
Also, i was one of my 3 buses that i take back home everyday after school and this guy in a suit with dreads gets on and i was thinking COOL! SIT BESIDE ME!! AAAAAHHH YOU ARE TOO COOL!!!They were so nice and smooth and wonderfully un-beaded and natural. GORGEOUS!
I have also discovered that old cut up pantyhose work really well for headbands.
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