Kawaiinose (kawaiinose) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Not a great picture, but a picture nevertheless.

We're at one and a half years now :)

this was taken at our friends house last week- in it Im wearing the hat that I bought from Candi (Jesus fucking christ! You changed your username and I have no clue what the new one is!! Comment with it!). I bought one for both me and my little sister and we match! So cute :)

I also wanted to share two heartwarming stories. I work at starbucks and keep my hair back all the time while at work. There are a few people who are regulars that Im pretty friendly with and one of them is a very artsy electic woman who has lots of short thin dreadlocks. She gives me tips about my hair and complements it all the time. Yesterday I opened (4:30am ::groan::) and she came in and had brought in a fancy artsy hair tye. She was at a gallery opening and she saw it there and bought it for me! How amazing is that!?!
Another woman came in today and stopped her cell phone conversation to tell me that she loved my hair and thought it was so cute and "funky"!
The reason I share these two stories is because far too often we hear really depressing stories about white people with dreadlocks being given a hard time by people who happen to be african american. I think its important to remember that for every african american person who doesnt like the idea of white people having dreadlocks there are probably at least two other white people who dont like the idea of white people having dreadlocks.
Both women happen to be african american.

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