Nathaniel BenAngelo (angel_thane) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Nathaniel BenAngelo

Hello my dredlocked brothers and sisters.

Thane here. (although a fellow dred, GofG did take it upon himself to call me Dred Flintstone, but no matter)

I've been growing my locks for about five or six years now (It changes depending on if I count up or down from past/present, I'm not entirely sure). I do know that they started dredding either in late June or early July, one of the two.

Last time I cut my hair was when I shaved my head (technically then, my locks are razor stubble) eight years ago, yeah, eight years sounds about right, so my dreddies are just about reaching mid-ass by now (well the longer ones at least).

Thankfully, Jah has ensured that my dredlocks havn't clumped, and I have about 3 dozen of them, give or take (it changes from time to time, you know) ranging from fat to very thin, its all over really.

I live in Toronto now, but I used to be living in Brixton, SW2.

And yes, my dreds are real. Nature made baby!
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