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Spreading The Love

I thought everyone would appreciate this story...

Went to a party this past Saturday night. Lots of people there, good times, etc.
A young lady friend of mine--someone I hadn't seen in a while--showed up, and, lo and behold, she had begun to aquire dreads since the last time I saw her. That was kind of cute, as when I first met her, she asked me about a zillion questions about my dreads and how I maintained them.

Now, she's a beautiful girl... no question about that...

But her dreads... her dreads...

They were, and this is being kind, what is commonly known as...
A hot mess.

Her dreads--all 11 of them--were a loose, sloppy, loose-hair-filled mass that hadn't been maintained at all in months. Each dread was about six inches or so...

Well, since I was her dread guru, and we were hanging out at a party, I politely asked what she was doing with her head. She confided to me that she didn't really like the way her dreads looked and that she was thinking about getting rid of them.

She seemed really bummed, so I asked if I could give her a hand with them.
She was cool with that, so I had her sit on the floor in front of me as I worked on her head.

Basically, all of her roots had sort of joined together, forming a sort of "hair helmet" that covered her whole head. Apparently, she had never used wax, so all of this hair was matted, but sort of loose.

So... first off, I grabbed her dreads near the roots and carefully seperated them, which created more definition for each lock. The ripping sound scared her a little, but I calmed her down. This immediately made her dreads look longer while creating more loose hair at her roots... so... next, I grabbed her loose root hairs, twisted them up and sort of poked holes in the roots of the nearest dread and threaded these loose hairs back and forth through the roots, creating a sort of tight, focused knot at her roots, which also eliminated a lot of her loose hairs. She also had a few big wooden beads, which were kind of... floating around in her dreads, so I pushed those further down, closer to her roots, which also locked those loose hairs down a bit. Then, I went up and down each dread grabbing the loose hairs on each lock, twisting those together and them through the dreads--basically the same process along each entire dread. Granted, her locks are now far from smooth, but they're also not full of loose hairs, either. So that started looke=ing better, too...

I sent her in the bathroom to take a look, and she came back smiling...
"Do more, do more," she cried.
I was really glad she was finally happier with her locks and not thinking of cutting them anymore.

So... she sat down again, and I went back over all of her dreads, just twisting, knotting and working on her whole head.

By the time I was done, her locks were standing up a bit straighter, and they were definitely tighter and harder. And the loose hairs, while not totally gone, were certainly lessened. I really wish I had before and after pics, but, alas, I didn't really think of it....

She was so pleased! She gave me tons of hugs. Always nice.

You know, I didn't even realize how much stuff I knew about working on dreads... because I have never worked on anyone else's besides my own. But now I feel pretty good about my dread maintaining skills... I made this girl's happy about her hair again.

So... I am thinking... I may have to open "Mr. Erik's House Of Dread Love And Hair Repairs."
I'm taking appointments now... Payment can be made in the form of hugs and good conversation.
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