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I did it!

I should be doing some schoolwork........

If they look greasy and flat; they are. I put some wonder conditioner-stuff in it. I couldn't even wash it off my hands.

"Hmm, camera is not reacting. Ow wait, let me put my extention dread on top, so people can see it too." *click*
But I think I look cute in it, which is rare!

I am in the middle of a hair-super-duper-change. So I got my bangs. I am extending all of my dread with about 15 cm. I am dyeing my hair red.



This is the real color, without flash.

Anyway, I wanted to show the complete turn around. You know; befor and afters. But I am to exited!

I hope to blow my crush right of his feet when he sees me.... and he is going to see me 3 whole days next week. Which makes me soo happy and nervous and so on. You know those days, where you can listen to Phil Collins ALL DAY LONG and still feel great and sing alone?!?! Right... That's how I feel :)
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