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update time!

I haven't updated since lishd dyed my dreads in Illinois at joyful_girl's house [where HAVE you been, girl!].

So I just wanted to let you all know I am still alive. :)

alive and in motion


My dreads will be 4 months old as of October 9th! :D
Except for the 8 younglings that lishd made in Illinois - they're only like a month and a half old [here's a few of them]:

lish's babies

I have cute little bits of hair right in front of my ears that refuse to dread. :D I like them a lot, for some reason.

anti-social hair

That's all that is left of the un-dreaded hair that Lish took care of.
Check the before & after:

before the lish-dreads: so much un-dreaded hair! after the lish-dreads


I love my dreads. *hugs them*

love dreads lovelove dreads
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