recording_sound (recording_sound) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Finally! I'm done! That took such a long time. So here are some pics.

Took most of the bands far my hands could reach. I'm tired now. I think it's pretty neat! I even think it looks better than with the bands, but that's maybe because the bands where in there for a while now and it strated to get frizzy. I even used wax again, I haven't used wax in months! I never use it. But now I only used it at the top a little.

Before with bands...though this is a picture of a few months ago where I deffinatly just had put new bands in.

With bands.

Without bands, after palmrolling and needlecrocketing.

A really dark picture. One side is done here and the other wasn't yet.

End results. A toilet and a white face! HELLO FLASH!

They shine! I look so white! haha but without the flash the pics where too dark. My eye is still swollen too...didn't even notice it in the mirror anymore.



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