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well came across this last night, so yeah, i shall now tell a story, with pics. heh.
well this is me at start of summer last year, look ma hairs all like normal and stuff.

nearing the end of summer, decided that i wanted dreads, not knowing how to make them at this point i jus messed about with the front of my hair an' made 4 dreadies.

in february this year, got myself a dreadheadhq kit from a shop down the road. i dyed my hair first, an then i looked like this.

i then started on those lushfull locks, this is at the not quite finished stage yet.

an' heres also not finished from the back

an' heres eh, from the side?

and well, since feb, an doin those initial dreadies i kinda like forgot to finish, ITS SO much effort man. so i like braided the sectioned off hair that wasn't dreads an done some wen i felt like it, an now like some of the braids are starting to turn into dreads themselves. but this weekend i am gonnae sort them out an get em' finished an re-dye my hair on monday, so its all mad colours an finsihed dreaded for glastonbury festival, cos like ya gotta be mad for that, obviously? anyway, yeah thats a little story for ye's. sorry if the pics take up huge amounts of space on ur friends list, but i'm a dumbass and dont know how ya make it so u click on it then go to diffrent page kinda stuff. so that'll have to do.

i dont have any pics of my hair at the moment, i'll take some an get links an shit for em' an post em up, an' if my plans actually do go to plan an i have em' properly finished by monday then i'll post finshed result.. wooo. i need some motivation...
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