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Concert Dreads

I have had an amazing week filled with music. Charlottesviile has gone absolutely insane with fantastic concerts and so I am now extremely broke but very happy :) and have of course been clicking away with my newly repaired camera. I managed to get myself and thus my dreads in a few pics.

Morgan Jenna and Arlo Guthrie Morgan Jenna and Arlo Guthrie

Got to meet Arlo Guthrie. The man is funny as hell! :)

These are from the Dar Williams/ Girlyman show that I just got back from.
I also saw Alman Brothers and Keller Williams this week, but I don't have have pics with them.
Jenna and Dar WIlliams Jenna and Dar WIlliams

Me and Dar Williams. The CD she has under her arm she gave to me for going up on stage to show the shirt I was wearing :) There is a whole story there that's posted in my LJ if you're interested

Jenna and Ty from Girlyman Jenna and Ty from Girlyman

I love this picture. Ty is so cute... and frickin hot. I love Girlyman.

the random heads behind us are a bit disconcerting...

They are a month and a half now. I really love em to pieces. They jump around with me when I dance and just feel so right.

these pics all link to huge high resolution ones for those who care. oh, or acually, just the Dar and Ty pics. The Arlo pic is only 640 by 480 or so.
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