all_gothed_up2 (all_gothed_up2) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

well iv not updated in ages because i hate pics of me generally but i thought sod it and thus i bring u a few random pics of me looking silly, and a few random ones from thailand for good measure :)


(that ones pre-breard cut lol it looks sumwhat silly with the flash and all there opps)


(me looking ugly and with messy dreadies)


(and now i look stoned (well, was stoned) and have a shiney head (didnt really have a shiney head im sure of it!))






(poi is always good on a warm beach in thailand)


(random pics of thailand, the last one being kho san road (the one in the movie the beech where leo is walking around moaning about how traveling just isnt traveling anymore))

:) take care all


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