Luna (isillote) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Hi Ü

I am new Ü
Well. Sort of =S
I was a member. And then I moved, and then I realised that I needed to seal my old journal, and forget all about it maybe, and then just get on with life, and things. And I am a bit afraid of family members finding my old journal. And I will be a bit more.. Careful you might say, this time.

I go by Luna or Isillóte online.
I am 15 and I live in Europe.
I've had my dreadies for about... 10 weeks tuesday.
They're pretty thin, and a bit longer than shoulder length.
There are 109.
I do have pictures. I hope.
Self-made dreads didn't work very well on my.. hair type.
I have very soft shiny hair that makes my dreads untangle Ö
Which is a shame, because I have to back-comb and put rubberbands in again.
But it's worth it Ü
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