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so a friend of mine used to have dreads and i've been talking about doing it for a while. he said he'd do it..and i figured he knew how.

i have a question though...i was reading in different places online how to do it, (after he started) and it was talking about sectioning in squares when you first begin..something i had mentioned to him beforehand. he said he didn't like doing it that way, and now it's like big parts from different parts of my hair that i know are going to pull more because they're not in sections. how big of a problem is this?


edit: he also told me i could not wash my hair for a while..and that's okay, but i'm going home to my parents this upcoming weekend and my dad and his family are a little..conservative? so it would probably be best if my hair wasn't ultra greasy and stinky..could i wash it that soon? (thursday-fridayish) if i don't wash my hair directly maybe with a stocking or something? just for the sake of it not looking tooooo bad. i'll post photos, it's only half way complete right now, he's finishing more tomorrow.
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