Kristen. (yummyperoxide) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Well, last night I went swimming in this river.. And after the fact I decided it would be wise to wash my dreads, because the water was quite dirty, and there was probably some other gross stuff in the water as well.

I haven't washed them since January, because a lot of my hair broke off in the process, and it took me entirely too long to blow dry them. And because they look... just kinda gross. stringy and thin instead of nice thick and bouncy.

I talked with a few people in my area about the washing situation. Some of them said "eh, don't wash them at all, it doesnt really matter" others said "wash them once a month, but be sure to blow dry them" and some said "wash them when ever, but do it before you go to sleep, and don't blow dry them"

Well, anybody have any preference. How often you wash your hair? Does the kind of soap matter? Does anyone not wash their hair at all?
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