Luna (isillote) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

I know this is probably idiotic..

I have had my dreads for 11 weeks, tuesday they will be 3 months.

And I know this might sound very stupid, but I figured I needed someone's opinion, and since this is a dreads community...

Here goes :
My dreads are REALLY thin, I have 109, and they're pathetic really. I'm sorry to say, but thats how it feels. The guy who made them put in a lot of candle wax which is the only thing that keeps them together. I rinsed out some of the wax, but when I did, my dreads started faaaaalling apart, and now Only inches of each dread is dreaded, and it feels horrible, and people comment on them and so, and I do back-comb a LOT, but as soon as I wash them they fall apart again. This REALLY frustrates me, and makes me quite sad.

I love the thought of having dreads, and I am now considering combing them out an re-do them, a little bit thicker..

what do you guys think?
Thanks a billion <3
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