Laurapocketrocket (_lenore_) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

(I guess this is really directed towards Lish but feel free to reply :) )
After bleaching my hair (for the first time, after having dreads for a year), I've found a few of my roots are separating into two and the weaker of the two has actually split on one of them (at the front of course!) the dread is still attached, but only by half of it's root now and there's a tuft. I've noticed a few others going the same way, and I was wondering if it'd be ok to use some of the after-dye conditioner I saved from dying it??
Also a lot of my roots are very flat and spread out instead of wide, I do roll em but it doesn't seem to help my fat'n'flat roots, any suggestions?

Thank you :)

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