lil' stitch (dyingnexttoyou) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
lil' stitch

Ok Im having issues. I am inconsistant in everything I do and I cant stay in one place. Literally and metaphorically. Im constantly changing I guess, I get bored with everything. Ive wanted dreads for yeeeeeeeeeaaaaars and I finally have thme and its only been about three months now. I love them and they are beautiful but Im sick of them already. Its so hot and I would love to have shorrt hair. But the roots arent really more than an inch right now so if I cut them Id be pretty much bald. Im used to doing a million things with my hair and changing the color and trying new things. But with dreads I cant. I love them and I dont know what the hell my problem is. Someone help. Please! I posted pictures of them a few posts back. I need advice (other than the fact that its a personal choice!). Thank you in advance!
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