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I'm really nervous.
Today is the day where they go :(
I'm going to miss my hair so much but at the same time I'm anticpating change.
It'll be a relief if all goes to plan because I'll feel somewhat better about myself but I'm just so scared I'm going to look into that mirror when they're done and I'm going to think, "Shite."

It's silly really, because I cried about it! lol
I'm such a soppy cow. I just love dread locks..since I was 11 and the fact that I've had them for 2 and half years means they've become a huge part of me.

I'm also that Dan's attraction levels to me may fade or something..silly I know because the kid loves me but ya know what I mean. I just don't wanna dissappoint him.

Here are the things that I'm gonna Miss and not -so miss about the hair

I'm gonna miss....
-The way I used to get people to tickle my face with them
-Never having to worry about brushing my hair/ styling it
-The positive attention from people as I walked past
-The fact I stood out in a crowd
-The satisfaction of cultivating and looking after my own set of dreads
-Each individual personality of each dread- I even knew where certain ones were like the phatty at the back and the humugous forked dread!
-My special softening rituals of apple cider vinegar
-The fact that they were mine...my little babies </3 I'm, NOT gonna miss.... -My paranoia! *do I have dandruff? does my hair stink? etc* -The itchies -Heavy ASS head after washing -Loose hairs -The SUPER SUPER untidy days (I looked so bad!) -Wearing the same fucking hairstyle day in day out -Negative attention from closeminded idiots -The expense of maintenance Well i better eat....for a last look at my dreads check out my faceparty: http://faceparty.co.uk/jettatomic Pictures later tonite. xxx
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