radio_numb (radio_numb) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

consider it as a mental diary :D


dear hair,

today you looked amazing. seriously. have you gained a couple of inches? good girl *pat*
so, as we went to school today, i kept seeing you in mirrors, windows, the reflection of my glasses, etc.. and honestly, you made me feel like a LION.
you were all about the RAHR, baby.

then, as we rode back home at the end of the day, something happened. you drowned.
heaps & heaps & heaps of water came falling down from the sky and covered you completely. when we came home, i looked into the mirror, and honestly, you made me feel like a drowned kitten.
you were all about the pathetic rahr. you sad sad little bitch.


dear hair,

got into a (play)fight with mum. as i sat on her & tried to bite her arm, she pulled 2 of the newly adoptees. yes yes, she nearly pulled the plug on Lish 1 & 2.
no worries, threadCPR has saved the day once again. vengeance will come in sharpened nails & slapping.


dear hair,

i'm SO sorry about the spaghetti splots.

at least you tasted nice.


(i've no pictures as a) my cam died & b) nothing's changed about my locks whatsoever)
(let's call it a 'sharing of dreadlove/living with dreads/etc post)

now shush.

PS: is it weird that i already (sort of) know what i'll be doing with my hair after i take out my dreads? see, i've this folder with all kinds of pictures of dreaded people (mostly taken from here), and i made a subfolder a couple of months ago where i save pictures of people with hairstyles i'd love to try on myself. i've promised myself to keep my locks for at least another year, 2 years max. after that i'll need to change hairstyles. i've never been able to stick with something as i change my mind/habits/whatever constantly. having my locks is a proof to myself & others that if i commit myself to something, i can actually stick to it (i hope that made any sense)
i think i could still keep a lock or two in after taking the rest out, but i'm 100% certain that they have to go within the next 2 years. i've proved my point by now, change is on its way. heh. of course, i could still get the idea to keep them a little longer, i am after all a *very* fickle person. but yeah, does anyone else have this sort of 'preparation' thing going on?

let me know! :)

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