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now the only downfall with being a fake red hed dread head is when it fades, and your left with this shitty, dull orangey vomit colour, (if u eat beetroot. I dont) and your roots feel completely different to the rest of your hair. so i decided it was time to start from scratch and just bleach the whole feckin lot. Warning, "blonde" is not my colour AT ALL...

A before pic just so u can compare and puke. (me and me scotsman)

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First i did a salt water soak to tighten up and remove some of the existing red colour. I spent £30 on dye! ouch! this took 4 boxes of bleach. bloody swimming in the stuff.(please excuse the scrunchie)

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and today, 1 day after bleaching. I didnt want to have to even leave the house like this but im actually growing to like it, a bit. I found out from my last bleaching session just under a year ago that the longer u leave it bleached, the better the red takes. so i give it one day, and thats all. application of red will begin this evening.

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it may not look like it but honestly i am wearing more than just a bra... honest...

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so im searching back dates of lj to find that person who striped their dreads whilst dying, im not gonna do my whole head just a few for a bit of change. if neone can find it or remembers please do tell.
will repost when im red again!!

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