Joey Jo Jo Junior Shabbadoo (thefuriouscynic) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
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Bathe the dreads

It is time. They must be washed. If not now, then soon.

My scalp isn't excessively itchy, and I'm not at all uncomfortable, but I figure that I'd better respect the laws of hygiene and give them a little wash.

When I previously had dreadlocks, I did everything wrong when it came to washing them. And not just a few little things, but everything. Hence they ended up looking like crap. Now I am more prepared. Dread shampoo, nylon stocking on the head, cold water, and so on.

But just so that I can reap full benefits of my dread-washing experience and not have any nasty, unexpected surprises, I'd appreciate some tips and hints if anyone's got any.

What happened to your dreads the first time you washed them? What have you learned since? All stories of wisdom and otherwise are much appreciated.

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