i like liking things that no one else likes (mcpuggington) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
i like liking things that no one else likes

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dread love

this weekend at work i saw a white guy (not to sound racist but i mainly i see black people w/ dreadies) with the most beautiful long dreads.... they hung midway down his back & swayed back and forth as he walked & they gave him such a wonderful presence.... i told him that i thought his hair was *beautiful* & he thanked me and told me it was that way because his wife helped him do it.... she was standing right next to him & they looked at each other & smiled at each other & it was SOOOO beautiful because you could SOOOO tell they were in love!! he said that it helps to have someone that cares about you, helping you along with the process!! *grins*
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