Hotter than the hinges of all Hell (gremlin_zeef) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Hotter than the hinges of all Hell

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I don't have my costume pictures, BUT...

I have pictures from when I was dancing....

 I was wearing my hair vertical... I really liked it like that.

All I did was put an elastic around the base, and the they just stayed straight up... yeah... baha...

Oh and, I took the colour out of it, a while ago..    
Now you see it..


Now you still see it..

Now you don't...

Well, actually there is a spot in the front, that you can... but! other then that.. it's gone.

This is the back.. it's from far, but that's okay I reckon.

One more, of the best friends, and the vertical dreads. Oh wonder.

They are a bit over 6 months, and at the moment they have shrunken a bit over an entire foot.  I reckon it's because the tips ate themselves and what not. Fluh.
so long friends.
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